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Technological solutions to supply chain strain

By David Armstrong, CEO, b4b Group As economies, industries and organisations begin to bounce back from the Covid-19 pandemic, business activity and demand for goods and products has soared, placing our supply chains under immense pressure. This strain is felt even more by the Northern Ireland transport and logistics sector, largely owing to the impact…

the cloud

Cloud backup for businesses – what is it and how does it work?

Data is one of the most important assets that any business has. Customer details, orders, payment details and accounts are all integral to successful business operations.   If this data is lost or compromised, it can have catastrophic consequences both in terms of efficiency and reputation.   Hardware or software failure, cyberattacks, human mistakes and natural disasters…

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Using Virtual Reality as a workplace tool

Recent research may suggest that an entirely virtual workplace is still a long way off, but this is not to say that Virtual Reality (VR) cannot be successfully incorporated into the workplace. Here we outline several ways that VR can be used to enhance business performance and improve efficiency. Safer training Using VR to assist…


Why your business needs next generation firewall protection

Put simply, a firewall is a digital security system that monitors and checks all incoming and outgoing network traffic. Firewalls are an essential part of your business’ security system as without one, your network is open to threats. Cyberattacks can be devastating for businesses, disrupting processes, reducing productivity and causing often irreparable reputational and brand…


The 2025 ISDN switch off – what businesses need to know

ISDN (Integrated Service Digital Network) is a telephone network system that allows voice and data to be delivered simultaneously over a digital line. Released in 1986, ISDN became the go to for many businesses as it allowed for the incorporation of basic video conferencing without compromising internet speeds. However, technological advances have meant that this…