Managed Business Mobiles

Are mobile network costs, device administration creating a budget and IT problem for your business?

There has been an explosion in mobile working for most businesses. Some organisations supply business mobiles and tablets to their staff, and other businesses allow employees to access their corporate network with their own mobile devices. (BYOD)

Whatever the deployment option, company provided or BYOD there needs to be policies and procedures in place the ensure the management of the mobile estate. Mobiles contain sensitive data and files, access company emails and networks, therefore, need to be given the same levels of management and security as a PC or laptop would.

Why Businesses Should Get Managed Mobile

Most businesses in Northern Ireland will have some type of mobile requirement. That could be as simple as a few mobile phones, or as complex as a huge number of mobile phones, tablets, data, and roaming requirements.

Voice calls, text messages, instant messages and company data is widely shared on these devices by employees. That is irrespective of whether the device is supplied by the organisation or, is a device that the employee owns but uses for work when required.

Data protection and GDPR were introduced to protect customer data. Corporate data is also sensitive and confidential. How does your business ensure that data is secure, protected, and safe?

This is where a managed mobile solution from b4b can take care of all of this and remove any concerns for your business.

Provisioning and Setup of Mobility Services

b4b can help provide the best information on which mobile network to choose, what phones and tablets to choose, and most importantly the best mobile tariff for your business.

However, that is just the beginning with a fully managed mobile solution from b4b.

The setup and provisioning process needs to be hassle free and delivered on time. This is important to get right as otherwise it can cause disruption and annoyance in a business.

b4b appoint a Project Manager to ensure that customers are kept informed and to make the transition smooth, hassle free and seamless.

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Bill Shock & Data Control

Getting the mobile tariff correct is important. Here at b4b we also know that business use changes and can change quickly. We also understand that employees will use their mobile with freedom.

Like any business expense, it should be tracked and monitored. Our managed mobile service tracks individual users and checks their location and checks the amount of data being used.

This avoids bill shock where perhaps an employee roams to another country not covered by your mobile tariff. Our service also allows your business to know the location of every device.

Security Management

Two of the most important considerations for any business are:

  1. The protection of customer data
  2. The protection of sensitive and commercial business data

Devices such as the office computer, laptops and all mobile devices will contain sensitive information about your business and about your customers.

The Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data protection Regulation (GDPR) give detailed requirements on how to protect customer information. These also detail the right of individuals to have access to their data.

This applies to company mobile devices and to employees who use their own devices to get access to business information. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is used by many smaller companies in Northern Ireland.

It is important to protect this information and to make sure it complies with the above regulations. b4b’s managed mobile service takes the pain out of this for your business.

Mobile Devine Management (MDM)

Perhaps one of the most important addons for your business mobile fleet, Mobile Device Management (MDM) software adds a layer of control across your mobile device estate. Solutions from SOTI and Microsoft Intune are leaders in the market, offering unrivalled control, functionality and features to manage your mobiles.

b4b have deployed MDM solutions across many customer and business verticals, including, logistics, utilities, retail, hospitality and medical. Customer use cases and requirements vary from security to kiosking the devices for single use applications.

The b4b mobile team can provide a demo on how MDM could benefit your business.

Mobile Self Service

The b4b manged business mobile solution has been designed to make managing your business mobile estate a breeze. b4b have over a decade of providing business mobiles, tablets and aitime solutions to business customers, and have developed out b4b mobile to offer industry leading portals and support, unrivalled by the carrier networks.

As a b4b mobile customer your business and managers will have access to both online billing and online SIM management portals. With the use of both portals and the excellent support provided by the b4b helpdesk this will ensure your business has the best mobile solution available on the market.

Speak to the b4b mobile team to discuss the benefits of Managed Business Mobile.

Why Choose Managed Mobile from b4b?

b4b have helped secure and safeguard hundreds of business mobile connections

  • Let our experienced mobile team protect your mobile portfolio
  • Make sure your business is data and GDPR complaint
  • Take control of all your mobile devices and let your business be in complete control

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