Unified Communications (UC)

Unified Comms Strategy from b4b

Unified Communications from b4b simply delivers the tools and features that supports your team and your business collaborate both internally and with customers. Working with a number of great platforms: GoToConnect, Teams and 8×8 we have a full suite of communication products that will help your team collaborate across all channels and allow your business to thrive in the new ways of working. 

Unified Communications Explained

The term Unified Communications (UC) is a concept that is about bringing digital transformation to businesses. We are now in an era where work is no longer completed from a desk, a phone or a PC.

There are a lot of devices, and a lot of software options being used by people in offices, on the road and in some cases in different countries. 

The big problem for many businesses is that innovation has been so fast, the vast number of individual tools available can often overwhelm any employee or IT team.

On the right you can view a list of the many options:

  • Phone calls
  • Instant Messaging
  • Text messaging
  • Voicemail
  • Email
  • Web conferencing
  • Document sharing
  • Screen sharing
  • Scheduling meetings

Benefits of UC from b4b

The best UC for your business should simply gather everything your employees need and allow them to connect, share and work together. As a result, your business will get the following benefits: 

  • Reduced Costs – All UC systems work in the cloud, and businesses can take advantage of reducing their capital expenditure and moving to a need based operating expenditure model with less expense
  • Better Performance – UC allows your employees to both communicate and collaborate instantly, and that speed improves sales, solves customer problems faster and will improve the reputation of your business.
  • Better Productivity – UC allows employees and teams to connect with whatever technology is the most comfortable for them using any device they prefer
  • A Better User Experience – UC helps employees by giving them more freedom to work as they choose and as such improves your services.
  • Communication – This is how your business communicates with your customers, clients, shareholders, and suppliers. This can be through voice, SMS, social media etc
  • Collaboration – This is how companies keep their employees connected and helps them stay in touch. Remote workers and those out on the road can connect easily with office employees through various media such as video-conferencing, screen sharing and many other devices.

b4b UC Partners

To give businesses the tools they need b4b have worked closely with the leading UC providers in the global market: 

  • GoToConnect – Much more than a phone system, with integrated video calling from the leaders in corporate video meetings, GoTo. PC softphone, mobile app and integration with handsets, coupled with global calling capabilities GoToConnect has been a great solution for b4b’s corporate customers.
  • 8×8 – A long standing player in the UC market, with a focus on global organisations needing a single platform, 8×8 has been a leader in this space for many years. Enterprise contact centre and CRM  integrations allows 8×8 to work across a lot of vertical markets.
  • Teams – Microsoft Teams emerged through 2020 as the new kid on the block for video calling and collaboration. With extensions now into the phone systems market, b4b’s team have developed integrations with SIP providers and phone systems to help your business get the most from MS Teams.

Why Choose b4b for Unified Communications?

b4b have supported many businesses in Northern Ireland with their UC strategy and transformation across their global offices

  • Let our experienced team help your business communicate and collaborate
  • Take the stress out of too many IT choices and use UC instead
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