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At b4b Group, we offer a full range of Internet connectivity options, including ADSL, 4G, 5G, FTTC & FTTP and Leased Line options.

Make sure you are getting the best internet option for your business.

Dedicated Connectivity

Many businesses opt for a dedicated broadband connection, also referred to as a “Leased Line.”

With most business broadband connections, infrastructure and internet are shared with other domestic and business customers. That means that the speed of the broadband connection can vary, depending on time of day and demand from others who are using it.

With a leased line you benefit from a direct dedicated fibre connection that is shared with no one else, guaranteeing fast internet speeds.

Always On Internet

Many businesses rely completely on a shared fibre broadband (FTTx) connection for their data, email and Internet requirements, as well as to make and receive voice calls.

If any unforeseen circumstance causes the connection to fail, all business communications will come to a standstill.

With b4b Group’s ‘Always On’ internet’ service your business can keep working.

This cloud managed solution will ensure you have access to Internet services while the main fixed line network is being repaired. Excellent for retail, hospitality, office, and other environments where constant internet provision is required.

Lines and calls

Standard business lines and calls are still with us. Analogue (PSTN) and digital lines (ISDN) are still the main connections used by businesses to make and receive calls.

This network will soon be replaced with VOiP and SIP alternatives.

b4b Group will continue to offer traditional lines and calls as this changeover takes place.

SIP channels

For years the telecommunication network has relied on Analogue and ISDN lines to provide voice communication. That network will begin to disappear by 2025 and will be replaced by services that use a broadband platform.

Lines and calls are currently being replaced by a combination of SIP Channels and SIP trunks. SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol, and is commonly referred to as VoIP.

ISDN Switch off

BT released a statement in 2015, stating that it would stop taking orders for new ISDN orders in 2020 as part of the plan to switch off and deactivate the ISDN network in 2025.

Many businesses in Northern Ireland still use ISDN2 and ISDN30 in their business telephone and data communications.

Making sure your internet connection up to speed is essential to ensure a smooth transition to Cloud VoIP or SIP.

Why choose b4b Group for connectivity solutions?

  • b4b Group deliver business and corporate telecoms as well as network and data connectivity solutions to private, public sector and wholesale clients throughout the UK and Ireland
  • b4b Group offer a full range of communication and IT solutions to make sure you’re connected
  • With years of experience, we guarantee a seamless changeover
  • b4b Group will help you to find the best type of connection for your business needs

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