SIM Only Mobile Deals for Northern Ireland Businesses

Great Value SIM Only deals from b4b Group to save your Northern Ireland business money

SIM only tariffs have become the go-to choice for Northern Ireland business customers.

Shorter contracts, lower monthly costs, and better value, are just a few reasons why this makes sense to many of our clients.

By focusing on the tariff, businesses can pay attention to their monthly spend, and make a separate decision on their Smartphone and tablet requirements.

Unlimited data plans not for you?

If unlimited data is not important for your business, we also offer a wide range of other data options.

These range from 3GB to 100GB and can be selected for each individual user.

Another option is a shared data plan designed for your business. This allows your business to tailor your tariff to suit the needs of the individual.

For more details you call us on 02890-748844.

SIM only FAQ

Our SIM only deals give each user an unlimited allowance of minutes and texts, with a specified data allowance. Here at b4b Group we offer 12-month, 24-month and 36-month SIM only plans.

Choosing a b4b Group SIM only deal is a great choice for your Northern Ireland business if you prefer to keep the phone you already have and see no reason to change it. You can simply put your new SIM card in and enjoy the benefits of a lower tariff.

Our b4b Group monthly plans contain both a tariff and a handset or tablet. With a b4b Group SIM only, you can keep your old handset and we supply you with a SIM card. That way you get 4G data, calls and texts without having to worry about the price of a new phone.

The good news is that all the SIM cards supplied by b4b Group are 3 in 1. They are designed to be functional as a standard SIM, microSIM or a nanoSIM. All you have to do is select the size you need. If you prefer to stay on the same network that you are currently using, there is no need to change your SIM card at all.

This will depend on the network that you choose. With o2 for example you can roam in EU countries and your calls, texts and data are all part of your SIM Only allowance. There is no additional charge to use your UK allowances.

This does however vary as a result of the Brexit withdrawal by the UK from Europe. As an example with Vodafone, changes to roaming charges come into effect on 31st January 2022.Roaming charges will vary depending on which plan you choose.

With the EE network roaming charges changed on March 2022.

It can get complex so contact us and we will help your decide on the best SIM only tariff for your business.

Why choose b4b Group SIM only deals?

  • Having an unlimited b4b Group SIM only deal allows you to use your phone without the threat of bill shock
  • We maintain relationships with all mobile networks so you can access the network that works best for your needs
  • You can benefit from one point of contact for all your mobile needs, including full support for queries and billing
  • The b4b Group team is on hand to address and resolve any problems quickly and efficiently.

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