AlwaysOn Internet

We offer fast, failsafe and fully managed connectivity with our 100% “AlwaysOn” service guarantee

Most businesses rely on using a business broadband connection for their communication and IT solutions.

What happens when that connection fails?

We have the knowledge and products to keep you connected so your business is AlwaysOn

Features and Benefits of AlwaysOn Internet

Broadband Connection Failure and Outages

Businesses are now increasingly more dependent on cloud-based applications. Their bandwidth usage is increasing. At b4b we know that all businesses need fast, flexible, and reliable internet connectivity.

Most businesses will have a fibre broadband connection in their business. That connection can fail from time to time, and when that happens, it can cause major disruption for that business.

Staff can lose their Internet access, their email and even their communication system and access to any cloud-based applications. That is when a business realises than minutes can seem like hours when you can’t send that simple email.

Broadband failure can happen due to major outages in the network, telephone cables getting damaged and adverse weather conditions.

Protect Your Broadband Connection with AlwaysOn Internet from b4b

Technology in the telecommunications and IT industries has moved on a great deal in the last number of years. b4b’s cloud managed SD WAN solution solves the problem of a Broadband connection failing.

Through the use of SD WAN technology from our partners such as, Peplink and Aruba b4b have developed our ‘AlwaysOn’ offering. Using multiple WANs (Internet connections) working simultaneously or in hot failover mode to ensure that your business is always online.

By using a mix of carriers and connectivity technologies together in a single hardware device, all managed in the cloud via our SD WAN technology you can be ensured that you have invested in the perfect technology and provider in b4b to keep you always online.

Get a Leased Line for 100% Internet Connection Availability

If AlwaysOn is not the choice for you, then we would recommend considering a leased line.

A leased line is the ultimate internet connection for any business, and one that you do not share with anyone outside of your business. b4b offer fantastic pricing, speeds and reliability all supported by a Service Level Agreement.

We offer fast reliable connections, and have resilience options that will keep you working, even if disaster impacts your main lines.

Why Choose b4b's AlwaysOn Internet Services

b4b have helped secure and safeguard hundreds of business broadband connections

  • Let our experienced network team protect your Broadband
  • Do not leave your business to chance
  • A range of failover options are available from B4B today

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