Video Conferencing for Northern Ireland Business

Video conferencing technology from b4b Group

Video conferencing provides  businesses with the perfect tool for collaboration. It is the ideal solution for online meetings allowing you to share information with people who may be in different locations.

b4b Group, working with our partners GoToMeeting by LogMeIn, can offer  business customers the power to work remotely and collaborate with ease. Many people are now familiar with Microsoft Teams and Zoom to conduct meetings instead of being face to face.

For the majority of Northern Ireland businesses a video conference setup will consist of:

  • Some type of display (screen or monitor)
  • Camera
  • Speakers
  • Communication and collaboration

The important thing to understand is that we can help design the system around your requirements and budget using trusted and reliable brands. That ensures security of business information, seamless integration with other systems and easy to setup and use conferencing.

Turnkey video space

This new product includes a video-first meeting experience, industry-leading audio quality, a new meeting hub, powerful meeting diagnostics, and additional AI-powered transcription capabilities. This helps to streamline collaboration with a faster, more modern look and feel that’s consistent across web browsers as well as desktop and mobile applications.

Webinars for business

This is a solution that allows your business to create online events that become engaging experiences for all attendees. This solution is best suited for larger webinars and includes a wide range of features such as polling, survey, and question and answer features.

From remote employee trainings to hybrid all-hands; pre-recorded product demos to multi-day conferences – GoTo Webinar makes events easy

Why choose b4b Group video conferencing services?

b4b Group has helped many Northern Ireland businesses use video conferencing with great success.

  • Get in touch with our video conferencing team for a free consultation and  no obligation quote
  • Reduce face to face meetings and reduce travel costs
  • Get in touch with our Video Conferencing team for a free consultation and a no obligation quote

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