Managed SD-WAN for Northern Ireland Business

Get optimal application performance for your branch office networks with an SD-WAN from b4b Group

SD WAN revolutionises how Northern Ireland businesses can manage their connectivity estate. As an MPLS replacement or overlay solution, businesses can now choose more control and flexibility when it comes to their WAN providers and WAN technologies.

Using a mix of carriers and technologies, SD WAN removes the reliance on an expensive and cumbersome single carrier solution. Global deployments, once a very expensive and difficult solution, can now be deployed in an instant.

Wide Area Networks (WAN)

The standard method of connecting offices together is a Wide Area Network. (WAN) This  is the standard method used to build a telecommunications network that extends over a large geographical area, for the primary purpose of computer networking.

Many WANs are created by using leased lines, VPNs and MPLS technology. This can quickly become an expensive option, taking a long time to deploy.

SD WAN solves these problems, meaning the connection is less expensive, faster to deploy and easier to manage.

Managed SD-WAN

b4b Group along with our partners, Aruba, Peplink and carrier solution providers offer a fully managed SD WAN solution. As part of the consultation process, the b4b Group team will conduct an initial deep dive to gauge your business requirements, current bottlenecks in your WAN solution, and what the future expandability of your business could look like.

These factors will ultimately determine the best hardware or SD WAN vendor for your business. b4b Group’s presales technical experts will support the design of the SD WAN as well as ensure the deployment and testing meets all your businesses requirements.

Benefits of SD-WAN

  • Easy to manage
  • Operational cost savings
  • Built in security compliance, and encryption
  • Simplified automation and control
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
  • Can be rapidly deployed with new sites and services added in days not months
  • Quickly and securely connect users to applications

Why choose b4b Group for SD-WAN?

b4b Group has helped many Northern Ireland businesses switch from expensive WAN to more cost-effective SD-WAN technology

  • Let our experienced b4b Group network team help design your SD-WAN
  • Enjoy a more cost-effective and easier to manage branch network
  • Take advantage of the expertise offered by b4b Group and Peplink and benefit from a modern cloud network

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