IT Networking & Infrastructure

Why choose b4b for IT infrastructure?

b4b are  highly experienced in the design, installation and support of IT infrastructure. From data cabling, through to switching and WiFi our team can support your business end to end.

b4b’s IT infrastructure service has supported hundreds of business improve the productivity and uptime of the IT network. Working with best in class hardware vendors coupled with the b4b team’s experience ensures the best installation and design for your business.

  • We have experienced communication’s people who fully understand what the many network options are
  • We have years of experience in installing and maintaining small business networks
  • We can combine those products that help you communicate and collaborate easily
  • We offer a simple one stop solution that we also support and maintain

IT Infrastructure Foundations

Switches and routers along with data points are the corner stones of a safe and reliable businesses IT network. Switches and routers should be easy to install, use and manage. They should also be flexible enough to allow you to easily expand your network as you grow. 

You can easily combine voice, data and many other applications to a network. This makes it simple to check email and voicemails and set up various groups of users with whatever access you want them to have. 

Employees can quite literally work anywhere. They can be in the office, out traveling on the road, at home or in a customer’s premises. They can use their phones, tablets or laptop to look up information and make and receive calls as if they were in the office. 

Understanding Network Switches

Network switches are used to connect multiple devices on the same network. The switch acts as a controller and can connect printers and servers so as your business can share them. 

There are two types of network switches: 

  • Unmanaged Switches – These are used mainly in building home networks as they work straight out of the box. They don’t need to be configured but they do have a restricted capacity when compared to other types of switches.
  • Managed Switches – As the name would suggest these switches can be configured, and as such, they offer more flexibility and capacity than an unmanaged switch. b4b layer cloud management across all our managed switches to increase support and monitoring capabilities.


Routers are used to connect multiple networks together. As a simple example several PCs can connect to a single Internet connection. Routers will also have firewalls built into them which can be setup for the needs of your business. 

Wireless Access Points

Access points allow wireless devices to connect to the Internet. An access point takes the bandwidth from a router and then stretches it so as multiple devices can connect to the network. 

Why Choose b4b IT Networking and Infrastructure

Get Lightening Fast Commerical Business WiFi from b4b

  • b4b is a pioneer in WiFi and managed networks in Northern Ireland.
  • We have installed and deployed small to large scale WiFi for many businesses in Northern Ireland
  • Our experienced team can secure and maintain your business WiFi network and your Guest WiFi network

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