Dedicated Connectivity

Your Dedicated Leased Line – the Ultimate Broadband Connection

The technical definition of a leased line is that it is a dedicated, fixed bandwidth symmetric data connection. The reason we state this at the beginning is that each of those terms are important and will ultimately determine the type of the leased line your business may need.

Features and Benefits of Leased Lines

When you get a b4b leased line you get a dedicated internet line and you do not share bandwidth with anyone else.

This ensures that you get consistent exceptional speeds that simply never slow down.

Business use leased lines for the following purposes:

  • To connect to the Internet over a consistent reliable connection
  • They help link remote servers, sites and data centres
  • A single connection to easily operate VOIP and other cloud-based applications
  • Allow for more flexible working such as home working
  • Sending and receiving large files very quickly
  • Can be used for Wi-fi including Guest Wi-fi
  • Can be used with local and wide area networks
  • Essential in larger organisations with 20+ users

What is a Dedicated Leased Line?

All leased lines are classed as being dedicated. What that means is that your leased line has a bandwidth reserved (Eg 100Mbps) for your business use only. It will not fall at peak times and is not impacted by any usage external to your business.

b4b work with all major national Leased Line infrastructure providers. Depending on the location of your business will depend on who the best priced ISP is and as an aggregator of services b4b can offer a mix and match solution using multiple carriers all connected as part of a larger WAN solution.

Who we work with:

  • BT Openreach
  • Fibrus
  • TalkTalk Business
  • Virgin
  • Sky Ethernet
  • City Fibre
  • Vodafone

Why is Symmetric Speed Important?

All broadband connections have two features which are important to understand:

  1. Download speed – this is the speed at which information is transferred from the Internet to your computer/office. The higher the speed means that you can receive information faster. Eg. downloading a large email attachment.
  2. Upload speed – this is the speed at which information is transferred from your computer/office to the Internet. Impacts on how quickly you can send emails, upload files, upload video files etc.

Most Broadband providers allocate most of the bandwidth to the downstream, since that requires more data overall.

With a leased line you never have to worry about this as both upload and download speeds have the same speed and are extremely fast and stable. Various speeds are available from 50Mbps all the way up to 1Gbps.

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Leased Line vs FTTP

A leased line is not the same thing as a business broadband connection. A leased line is a dedicated 1:1 connection where as business broadband is shared with other users on the ISP’s core network.

Speeds of FTTP connections are now on a par with leased lines but do not come with the same guarantees of:

  • Speed
  • Fix Time SLA

Speak to the team to get some more advice on the best option for your business on choosing your internet connection.

Leased Line Connection Surveys

Whether your business is based in an urban or rural location, choosing the correct infrastructure provider will be key in many ways.

In an urban setting, choosing an On-net carrier will ensure speed of installation and also in most cases present a reduction in the ongoing monthly costs.

In a more rural setting, choosing the carrier becomes even more important as the cost of connection will be determined by the new infrastructure that the carrier needs to install which can result in ‘Excess Construction Charges’. Also costs for backhauling the data from your premises to the data centre will also be determined by the carriers infrastructure in the closest exchange.

At b4b we have the experience and knowledge of the UK & Ireland carrier presence and network infrastructure. With this experience and knowledge our team can provide desk based surveys of the best carrier choice before proceeding to the full survey stage.

Why Choose b4b for Dedicated Connectivity?

  • New and simpler pricing for larger leased line circuits
  • Unbeatable SLA agreements supported by our customer service and support teams
  • Installation work covered up to £2,800
  • Low latency and ADSL back-up

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