Mobile device & data security

b4b Group can help your business to develop a secure and scalable IT strategy

We know that business mobile customers do use personal applications and read personal content on their mobile devices. Employees will also use their own mobile phones and laptops to access company data.

GDPR regulations impose significant penalties for any data breaches, so there has never been a more important time to make your mobile portfolio safe, secure, and compliant.

How b4b Group can help protect your mobile devices

Endpoint security – This gives b4b Group visibility of the spectrum of mobile risk, and allows us to apply policies to reduce that risk,  integrate these policies into our existing security and mobile management solutions.

Mobile threat defence – b4b Group match policies based on the needs of your business to the different profiles of your mobile users. This allows your business to secure both applications and data without compromising the end-user experience.

Why is mobile data security important?

Mobile devices are subject to constant threats. These include:

  • Malware – this is a malicious software designed by hackers to damage or disrupt a system
  • Spyware – this is software that gathers user’s information which is then used for advertising purposes without the user’s knowledge
  • Unauthorised access – this is where hackers access a user’s phone and compromising sensitive information stored on the mobile device. If the device is lost or stolen, hackers can bypass many forms of authentication.
  • Vulnerabilities in the mobile operating system – This is a concern in terms of  mobile apps and phishing scams
  • Wi-Fi Packet Sniffing – this is where Wi-Fi networks that the mobile device is connected to are easily hacked before information is gathered and used

Why choose b4b Group security solutions?

b4b Group has helped secure and safeguard hundreds of business mobile connections

  • Let our experienced mobile team protect your mobile portfolio
  • Make sure your mobile devices have the best security defences
  • Secure company mobiles and BYOD mobiles

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