Ultrafast Fibre Broadband Northern Ireland

Reliable business fibre broadband for Northern Businesses with great pricing from b4b Group broadband

Broadband Choices from b4b Group

Business broadband is one of the most important considerations for any Northern Ireland business to operate effectively. Broadband allows information to be carried at very high speeds to web enabled devices such as computers, laptops, and tablets.  

The broadband options available will depend on the exact location of your business in Northern Ireland. b4b Group provide the following business broadband options:

  • ADSL 
  • Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC)
  • Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)
  • Always On Internet
  • Leased Lines

How fast can your business go?

  • Contact one of our account managers for a free consultation on the best broadband option for your business
  • b4b Group offer all the available broadband options including DSL, Fibre, Leased Lines and Always on Internet options
  • b4b Group make sure that all our services are fully supported by a Northern Ireland based customer service and billing team

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    Fibre Broadband in Northern Ireland

    The two most popular options for business due to the higher speeds and reliability are:

    1. FTTC – Stands for ‘fibre to the cabinet.’ This means that fibre cables have been run from the telephone exchange to cabinets located on streets and roads. Standard telephone wires then carry the broadband to your N.Ireland business premises. FTTC accounts for most of the Broadband used for business. 
    2. FTTP – Stands for “Fibre to the premises.” This is where the fibre optic cable runs from the exchange straight into the premises. and is considered the future of internet connectivity, rolling out across the UK & Ireland at a rapid pace.

    FTTC has speeds up to 76 MBits per second

    FTTP has speeds up 1 Gbit per second (that’s 1000Mbps!)

    Man holding a tablet and using business broadband in Northern Ireland cafe

    Dedicated connectivity - Leased lines for NI Business

    Larger businesses, or any business that needs to send and receive large amounts of data should consider a dedicated leased line.

    Leased lines provide more stable internet and higher bandwidths for both uploads and downloads.

    Leased Lines are also more secure and offer better privacy options. These are the choice for most Enterprise sized customers in Northern Ireland.

    Always On Internet for NI Business

    b4b Group also offer an “Always On internet” option. If your business cannot function without a broadband connection, you should give serious consideration to this option.

    A fibre broadband connection is established with a backup mobile broadband or fixed line broadband option included.

    This means that if for any reason your fibre broadband stops working, it will automatically switch to the secondary connection. That offers complete peace of mind and keeps your business connected.