SIP Phone Lines and Services for Northern Ireland Businesses

Changing from the old analogue telephone network to the new telephone network with no down time

ISDN is being switched off in 2025. Is your business ready?

For years businesses in Northern Ireland have relied on inbound and outbound voice calls using the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) This network used telephone services such as ISDN and Analogue lines.

A huge rollout is now starting to replace this older network with newer Internet based services including SIP and Cloud VoIP solutions.

What is SIP?

SIP is a form of VoIP. SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol and VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. For many years data and voice were transmitted over physically wired connections.

SIP and VoIP is now used to transmit data and voice over the Internet.

BT plans to switch off its ISDN network completely by 2025. Rather than wait for that, many businesses have already moved to take advantage of the many benefits of SIP trunking.

Benefits of SIP Trunking explained

There are a number of benefits in changing over from ISDN or Analogue (PSTN Lines) to SIP.

Cost Savings

There are two key areas where businesses can save money by making the move to SIP.

  • Line Rental – ISDN or PSTN Line rental is expensive and SIP line rental is considerably cheaper. On average our SIP customers have saved up to 50%.
  • Call Costs – SIP call costs are also cheaper and on average our SIP customers have saved up to 25% on their calls.

Call Quality

A popular misconception about VoIP and SIP is that the call quality is low. This was certainly the case when VoIP first launched some years ago. However, with major investment by the main networks, this is no longer the case, and call quality is now crystal clear, providing you have the right type of Broadband in place.

Moving Premises

One big advantage with SIP services is that it offers number flexibility. Previously if a business moved premises to a different location, that often meant they would have to change their phone number.

With SIP you can keep your existing number, even when moving out of area. That will save the costs of reprinting business literature and stationery, and customers don’t need to be informed that your number has changed.


Why Choose b4b Group for SIP Trunks

b4b have helped many businesses make the transition away from PSTN and ISDN services.

  • Let our experienced network team help you make the move with no downtime. We do all of the work in the background and then transfer everything across so your business never stops working.
  • b4b can help you enjoy the benefits of line rental and call cost savings. The vast majority of our customers have seen large savings when they make the switch.
  • Modernise your business with the latest technology from b4b Group.. Helps improve business efficiency and productivity.

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