Business Mobile

Let’s talk mobile technology…

As the fastest growing technology of all time, the size and scope of the opportunities the mobile revolution has created for businesses is hard to overstate.

Through the appropriate integration of mobile technology, your business can improve efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Below we outline top tips for incorporating mobile technology as part of your organisation.

Master mobile accessibility

Businesses should approach processes and software with the assumption that mobile is the most accessible platform. Many employees, customers and clients access information via their mobile devices. It is therefore vitally important that this information is tailored for mobile device viewing. Organisations should remember that it is much easier to adapt software and apps from mobile to traditional computers or laptops than the other way around.

Learn and adapt

Utilising mobile devices for business can present significant challenges. Mobile device screens tend to be smaller, restricting what can be displayed at one time and many employees are also accustomed to using laptops or computers with keyboards and mouses, whilst mobile options tend to rely on touchscreen navigation. It is important that businesses invest time and resources towards ensuring that employees can utilise mobile technology properly and avail of the full range of benefits offered.

Manage mobile devices

Mobile devices contain sensitive data and files, and therefore, require the same levels of management and security as a PC or laptop would. Organisations should invest in Mobile Device Management (MDM) software as this adds a layer of control across all business owned mobile devices meaning that if the device is lost, stolen or compromised confidential business information is protected.

Get your processes up to speed

A major benefit of using mobile technology is that it improves connectivity between a business and its customers, allowing for improved levels of customer service and responsiveness. It is important that all aspects of the business are available and function well on mobile devices. This includes apps, websites, databases and financial information. Adapting your business for mobile can allow for greater efficiency driven by customer needs.

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