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Broadband at home or in a business is almost always delivered through cables and routers with a fixed line Broadband service. Mobile Broadband is designed for business people on the move, and is accessed through a 4G or 5G mobile SIM card.

Which Business Users Need Mobile Broadband?

Most business people will make use of an Internet connection in their place of work. This Internet connection will be served into the business premises via a fixed line broadband connection. Likewise if a business person is working from home, they will most likely make use of their home broadband connection.

Mobile Broadband is only used for those business people who do not have regular or reliable access to fixed broadband connections. With a Mobile Broadband connection, users can access the Internet and other services, such as email through the 4G or 5G mobile network.

This makes it a good choice for people who are mainly on the road or working in remote locations where the Broadband connection is poor.

Sale’s and service people can make good use of this service. Anyone who needs to send information regularly when out and about can also make good use of a mobile connection.

Business Grade Mobile Broadband

b4b have partnered with industry leading Mobile Broadband hardware vendors to offer business grade mobile broadband solutions. Use case for mobile broadband that b4b have successfully delivered:

  • Construction site deployments
  • Pop up retail stores
  • Temporary events
  • On-site auctions
  • Advertising kiosks
  • Distributed Time and Attendance

With b4b’s experience in deployment, hardware and networks expertise our team can provide advice and solutions to meet your business challenge where fixed line internet is not an option.

Rapid Deployment 4G Internet

b4b’s Rapid Deployment 4G Internet solutions are designed to be same say solutions to internet problems or unforeseen internet requirements. With a range of rack mounted, rugged and built in high gain antennae devices always in stock our team can meet your instant requirements.

Have you been let down by Openreach on your fixed line installation? 

Have you had an instant requirement for internet due to an outage?

Our 4G Rapid Deployment 4G Internet can be deployed same day – delivery or collection options available to get you connected.

Routers will come active with an unlimited data SIM ready to go out of the box. Daily / Monthly rental options available.

Why Choose b4b for Mobile Broadband?

  • Get free and expert advice from our mobile experts at b4b
  • Avoid bill shock by getting the right data tariff for your mobile broadband needs
  • Get advice on laptops and tablet options which work best with mobile broadband

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