Device Lifecycle Management

Reduce the cost of ownership to support your mobile devices

Smartphones today are no longer disposable items, and many of them are more expensive than business laptops. They also contain higher levels of confidential, personal, and business data. It is also more likely a Mobile device can also be lost, stolen or damaged.

Device lifecycle management is an important consideration for any modern business.

The Lifecycle of Mobile Devices

There are six phases that businesses should consider for the lifecycle of mobile devices such as Smartphones.

Sourcing Your Mobile Devices

how many and which mobile devices does your business need and the best place to source those devices

Financing Your Mobile Devices

Should your business buy and own the devices or is it more prudent to lease them out?

Mobile Device Management

Devices need to be protected from the many threats such as viruses, and malware. They also need to be compliant with GDPR

Device Staging

This can be an important element especially if your business is changing networks and receiving new mobile devices

In Life Support

These devices will go faulty, some will get damaged, some will get lost and employees do lose passwords

End of Life

Your business can benefit from the residual value of the device, and at the end of use all mobile devices should be wiped clean

Sourcing Your Mobile Devices

For years, the standard approach has been to purchase mobile devices as part of a mobile contract, which is either subsidised or supplied as part of a “tech fund.” More astute businesses are no longer using this model and are purchasing devices to improve business security and reduce costs.

Tech funds are still commonplace in Northern Ireland and they combine the costs of the tariff along with a fund that your business can use to purchase handsets when required. The main problem with this approach is that your business has little control over the cost of individual handsets.

In addition, if your handsets are purchased through a mobile network, they are most likely “locked” to that network. Should your business decide to change network, then these need to be unlocked or replaced and that can be time consuming and expensive.

Your business is basically a captive audience to the chosen network, and your business has no control over the actual costs of handsets.

  • Buying mobile devices from a mobile network using a “tech fund” is simple, but your business will probably be overpaying for both the airtime tariff and the device itself.
  • b4b source devices from the market that will be unlocked and that makes it easy to change network in the future
  • b4b will make sure you get a residual value for your handsets at end of life
    Unlocked phones allow your business to easily update security settings
  • Our devices, when sourced through b4b, can significantly reduce the cost of buying mobile devices

Finance Options for Your Mobile Devices

Separating your mobile airtime tariff from your mobile devices, is a better financial option, and over time it will certainly save businesses money. As explained above, when you pay a single monthly fee for both airtime and devices, your business is opting for convenience, rather that sound financial thinking.

If your business purchased mobile devices at the beginning of a contract, then that comes straight out of capital expenditure and impacts directly on the cashflow of your business.

If your business signs a contract with a mobile network, directly or indirectly with a third party, then your business is most likely overpaying for both.

b4b offer your business much better financial options. These include:

  • Renting/Leasing – allows your organisation to treat mobile devices as an operating cost
  • Contract Terms – your business can get varying lengths of contracts and allows you to sweat the assets
  • Residual Value – Mobile devices have varying residual values and we include those in your lease, so more cost-effective for your business
  • End of Term – b4b can also include end of term device wiping, extended warranties, insurance and managed support as part of the leasing agreement

Mobile Device Management

Looking after the security and compliance of your mobile devices should also be a top priority for businesses. b4b can combine that into the normal lifecycle of all your devices as part of our managed mobile solution.


Mobile Device Staging

When you sign up for a new mobile contract, and especially when changing mobile network, we believe it is important to make this as easy and simple as possible, without any down time for your business.

With the b4b Managed Mobile Solution we include the following:

  • Charging the new device
  • Inserting and testing the new SIM card
  • Testing the device for basic operation and functions
  • Migrating existing information such as contacts
  • Applying screen protectors and cases if part of the package
  • Including all accessories such as chargers
  • Including user guides
  • Updating software, device settings
  • Mobile Device Management setup and device encryption
  • Configuring email and any corporate applications
    Configuring mobile threat protection

In Life Device Support

Most businesses will have a variety of Smartphone devices. As mentioned, these are expensive, and as such need to be maintained. Accidental damage accounts for around 90% of Smartphone failures.

Dropping the phone, water damage and cracked screens are the main problems.

As Smartphones are expensive and they do get stolen on a regular basis, especially the higher end Smartphones. Many don’t even have a basic PIN code protection.

As part of our Mobile Managed solution b4b can provide:

  • Repairs to devices
  • Insurance of devices
  • Tracking of devices
  • 24/7 Support including password resets, locking phones and even remote wiping of phones

End of Life Device Management

At some point mobile devices come to the end of their working life. They can be abandoned in a drawer or cupboard or passed on to friends and family. Businesses can lose out on the residual value of the phone.

The fear of data getting into the wrong hands means they prefer to just leave the device in a cupboard, rather than selling it on. b4b as part of their mobile managed solution, can wiped all data and private information, and we also include the residual value in our leasing agreements.

Why Choose b4b Managed Mobile?

b4b have helped secure and safeguard hundreds of business mobile devices

  • Let our experienced mobile team protect your mobile device portfolio
  • Make sure your mobile devices are secure, protected and tracked
  • From beginning to end, b4b will look after your mobile device requirements

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