Working from Home Phone Systems Northern Ireland

Work is no longer confined to the office. For various reasons people may have to work from home. We’ll keep you connected, wherever you are. 

The way we work has changed forever

Work is no longer confined to the office. We’ll keep you connected, wherever you are. 

Some people have always worked from home. Sadly, due to the pandemic that swept across Northern Ireland, that has now become a reality for many thousands more people. The facts are, that when and where people do their work is changing. 

Irrespective of the size of your business or organisation making sure that remote employees have the right technology to do their job properly is essential to keeping your business running smoothly. 

Some businesses are using various hosted cloud services and many are still using some type of centralised office system. Here at b4b, we can help you with the best technologies that are right for you. We can help ensure that your business can run just as effectively away from the office as in it. 

There are a range of IT and telephony products and services available that make working from home a great deal easier for your people, and that will help keep your business running smoothly.  

We have explained those below, along with reasons why you should consider them. 

IT Support for Home Workers

VPN Set Up – b4b can quickly install a Virtual Private Networks solution that will allow secure access to the office network and applications.

Remote IT Support – b4b offer IT Support for office and remote workers. b4b have invested heavily to support our customers and their staff in the new ways of working. 

Hosted Desktop Move your sage and other office server based applications to the fully managed hosted desktop solutions from b4b. 

Microsoft 365 Get your team connected with the Microsoft365 suite of collaboration solutions, Outlook, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams. 

New Employee Starter Technology Kits

b4b have worked with our customers to design new start kits for remote workers. All new staff get a selection of technology to get them setup as if they were in the office. Our remote IT support option enables new starts with initial IT setup, getting access to systems and remote installation of softphones, outlook and other critical applications.

Example New Starter Kit:

  • Headsets – a range of wired and wireless headsets with noise cancelling that help home workers concentrate on their work without distraction 
  • Webcams – the latest in Webcams that ensure home workers have great audio and video quality for online meetings and presentations 
  • Softphones – easy to install and create a telephone keypad right on to your desktop to enable your staff to make and receive calls from home. 
  • Laptops and Screens – Standardise on laptops per job role, with screens and all the cables needed to get your new starter of and going.
  • New Start Onboarding – 30 minute IT onboarding call with one of the b4b technical helpdesk staff to get your new start setup ready for work.

Why use b4b Group?

b4b Group have a complete range of home working solutions that can be installed quickly to get your business moving

  • Our experienced team can quickly identify what the specific needs of your business are when it comes to any type of remote or home working
  • We make sure that all home workers have access to all the tools they need to work efficiently and effectively from home
  • Contact one of our team today to discuss any of the home working solutions that can help improve the way people can work from home

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